Monday, September 9, 2013

Whats the Point? Finished Piece 

      In this project, the theme was 'Whats the Point?'. We had to come up with some solutions that had to do with this theme. Some of my themes were a needle, the point of a pen, an anchor and a crystal. I picked the anchor because while I was doing my thumbnail, I thought it was the easiest one to shade and have a lot of contrast. I showed contrast by shading the anchor in different places to show that there was a light source. Another thing I did was that I left the rope completely white so that it would show up better on the dark anchor. The last thing I did was color the background completely black so that everything else would stand out. 
    While shading the anchor, I used charcoal pieces and charcoal pencils. I chose these mediums because they were the easiest to shade and blend with. I also chose charcoal because I had already used the other mediums before and I wanted to use something that I hadn't used before. 
     I used some techniques that I've never used before while I was shading in the anchor. I took a paper towel and used it to blend in the charcoal better so that there were cleaner blends. It made the anchor look like it actually had real shadows. I really liked this 'What's the Point?' project because we had to make some contrast to make the object stand out more. This way you would be able to look at that object right when you saw the picture. All and all I think this project turned out very well.

Whats the Point? In progress