Art 2 Portfolio

1.  My most successful project was the one where I made a bowl out of coils of magazines. This project's theme was 3D and questionable. The process of making the bowl was less complicated then I thought. All I had to do was roll up strips of magazine and glue them together. It started getting hard when it came time to glue them together on the balloon. I had to make sure the pieces fit together correctly or else they would just fall off. When it came time to put something inside, I was originally going to us a candle or light, but I wanted something more original. I then came up with the idea of the glow sticks in the dark because it would look very 'questionable'. This was the most successful project because it was my last project, so I used my learned knowledge to challenge myself to come up with an original idea for the source of light.   

2. I chose the portrait project was the project with the most obstacles because my group and I had to calculate exactly how many CDs we needed, what colors we needed, and how to arrange them on the wall. The good thing was that I had my group with me to help me figure out all of the problems. We took a risk with the CDs because we originally wanted to used CD cases and not the CDs themselves. We weren't entirely sure if it was going to turn out like we wanted it to. There was a problem with John Travolta's cigarette though. The way we had it at first made it look like it was coming out of his nose. We eventually took it out and had to go row by row by ourselves with out the guide of the paper. The paper didn't help because without the cigarette, the picture was really messed up. We figure out that if one of us sat at the end of the hallway and told the other two what needed to go where, we could figure out what colors we needed. My group and I worked really well together to figure out all of the problems. We talked to each other and helped each other out when the other need help. So in the end John Travolta turned out really well even without his cigarette.
3. Two projects that really showed my growth as an artist were the 3D and the sticky situation project. The 3D project was very interesting in both the materials I used and the technique. I used magazine strips for the structure of the bowl because the theme asked me to be questionable and I thought that nobody made bowls like that anymore. The special technique I used was when I used a balloon to help me put the coils in the shape of a bowl. Making the bowl light up was hard because I wanted to find an original source of light; thats how I came up with the idea for the glow sticks. Being able to use my knowledge of the theme and my experience as an artist, I was able to create an amazing piece of art. The sticky situation painting made me a better artist because I was able to pull out my creative side a blend to bright colors together and see the outcome. Even though I only used acrylic paints, I was able to experience the different uses for the primary colors and how I could make so many different shades of one color. This helped me with my skill of making and blending the colors. Together these two pieces of art helped me become the artist I am today. 

4. Giving the students a free range of material and matter was probably the best idea a teacher could come up with for an art class. This gives the students the freedom to think for themselves. Even though they have a theme, there are endless possibilities to every theme. The theme can be taken literally or figuratively. The free range definitely helped me come up with my our ideas. It helped me express more of me into my art work. If I hadn't had this opportunity, I wouldn't have been able to use the glow sticks for my 3D project because they aren't traditional materials. Art class is about expressing you self through your work, not limiting your thought process. Giving students the option to use basically whatever they want, gives them every opportunity to express themselves. The sky's the limit! 

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