Art 1 Portfollo

    1. The landscape painting was my favorite because when we first started, we had to learn all about the colors of the color wheel. After that we had to paint all the different kinds of colors on a worksheet. Once we started the actually painting, I did the background first and worked towards the front. The best part about this project was that we got to make our own colors and we got the chance to blend the colors in. This made the painting more realistic. I also like how my final project turned out. You can really see the different colors in the water and in the trunks of the palm trees. This is why this is my favorite project. 
   2. I think the game drawing was the project that helped me the most because we had to find the perspective points of all the things we drew. We also had to learn the concept of light coat under the actually drawing. The base coat of the water color helped the color pencil drawing stand out better. Another thing that we did that helped me grow was the shadows. I had to determine where the light source was coming from. I also had to figure out what direction the shadows were going to go. This project helped me develop my perspective skills and the idea of blending colors. It also helped me improve my understanding of the shadows in the drawing.
     3. This drawing was a combination of some different skills that I learned from previous projects. The main idea of this project was to make the object look 3D. to complete this task, I had to take things I already knew and incorporate them into this project. Some of those things would be shadows, color blending, and details. I used the shadow so that it would look like the light sources was hitting it at the top. This made the cup look like it was standing. I also had to use my knowledge of blending color pencils because I had to make the liquid inside the cup look like real coffee. The last thing I used was details. The details on the cup help make it look more realistic.
    4. I think the shadow portrait was the least important project because all we did was draw one of our classmates and then add in some shadows. I understand that the teachers want to teach us about shadow, but you can just teach us with a project like the anamorphosis drawing. That way we have fun doing the project and it turns out better. But while doing the shadow portrait, I had a hard time understanding what we had to complete. This is because before we even had to do the drawing, we had to hold the picture up against a window and find the light source. This was a little difficult because there wasn't enough space or light. This is why I think that this is the least important project that we did this year. 

g 5. I think this piece of artwork reflects me the most because I love the water and the ocean. I also think that this reflects me as an artist because it shows that I can make things 3D. One of my personal connections to this project would be that I have been scuba diving before. When I went under the water to look at the coral reefs, there was a seahorse down there. It was all colorful and it just bounced  around like it didn't have a care in the world. Another connection I have with this clay tile is that my favorite animal is a seahorse. I also like how the seahorse is popping out of the physical clay tile. This is why this project reflects me the most as
a    an artist.  

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