Monday, October 29, 2012



1.     Describe the overall composition of your artwork (balance, unity, rhythm and movement).
      I think my balance was good because the picture turned out ok. The rhythm and unity was good too. But I do think that my lines could have been a little straighter. Also My print didn't have much detail in the background, so I could of added a little more then what I have.
2.     How did you add texture and contrast to your print? Is this important? Why?
      I added texture and contrast to my picture by putting spots on the cheetah and making the trees to make them look like they had leaves. This is important because it helps the print look more realistic.   
3.     Explain how you used positive and negative space to show your image.
       I used positive and negative space in my image. I showed it by having and equal amount of cut out area and non - cut out area. This helped make the spots on the cheetah stand out more.
4.     Describe the craftsmanship of your print. (How good the project is technically crafted)
       I think the craftsmanship of the print was good. I think this because the lines were cleanly cut. Also because the actual printing was neat. The final products were done very well because there were no smudges on the paper after the paint.
5.     Were you able to achieve depth by showing a foreground, middle ground and back- ground? Explain.
      Yes, because I made the grass bigger at the bottom and smaller at the top. This made the grass seem bigger closer up. It also made the smaller grass seem farther away. I also made the tree in the background smaller because I wanted it to look like it was closer to the cheetah then the other grass.
6.     Explain your experience with Printmaking. What were the obstacles and advantages?
      My overall experience with print making was ok. This is because it was kind of hard to figure out what to cut. Some advantages would be that we didn't have make five different stamps.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Print Sketch Critique

1. Why is texture so important to have in your sketches?
   The texture is very important in the sketch. This is because when you do your stamp you need to have a lot of texture to make it look good. You need to because there is only a limited amount of space for you to draw your animal. If you have a lot of texture then you can have positive and negative space in your stamp.

2. Why is it neccessary for you to have several references of each animal and each background? Explain.
  It is necessary to have several references for both the background and the animal. It is very important because you want to have many view points that you can look at. Also if there is something is one picture that you like and something in another that you also like, you might want to combine them. An example would be saying that you like one tree in one picture and the grass in another. This is why it is very important that you have many references.

3. When you look at your sketches are you able to see which sketch is the strongest and will make the best print? How do you know this? 
  I am able to look at each of my sketches and see which one would be best for the print. I know this because I have to chose the one with the best texture on it. I also had to pick the with a good background in it as well. I also know that this one was the best one because my other sketches didn't have has much detail as this one.

Chalk Mural Critique 
1. Explain your experience working on a team and executing your ideas for the mural.
    I liked working on a team because we were doing such a big project that I would've needed help anyways. I also like this group because we all came to an agreement when we were deciding what to draw on the wall. I think we should work in groups more often because we get done faster and we are bringing all our talents together. So in the end I really like working in a group.
2. Explain the importance of collaboration when working on a team.
   Collaboration is very important because we all need to communicate on our ideas. If we don't, then our work will never get done. So if you don't communication, then the whole project will never get done. Also if we don't like each, we would still have to work together to get everything done.
3.  How successful was this project? Explain how and why.
   I think this project was very successful. I think this because our angel wings turned out very well. We got the wings the same size and the have many different colors in them that go really well. Also our background turned out very good because the blues, purples, and blacks go together really well. We also learned how to blend in the colors with a paint brush. This technique worked really well.
4. Explain how you feel about creating artwork that others can interact with. Ex. Involving the whole school? 
   I love having the whole school being able to look and interact with my art. I like this because my art is usually just in the classroom. But when we do it outside then everybody can see it. Also everybody can interact with it.