Saturday, January 11, 2014


   This project's theme was to make some thing questionable and 3D. I wanted to make a bowl out of coils of paper because nobody really does that anymore; but I then added the idea to make it sort of a lap. I didn't want to have a boring candle or light in it though. I needed to come up with an original idea that was also questionable; so I came up with the idea to use a lot of glow sticks. To make sure that the glow sticks would shine through the bowl, I made sure the coils had spaces in the middle so that I could either stick the glow sticks through or just put them inside to shine through. When creating this project, I used a balloon as the shape for the bowl. Once the coils were made, I used a mixture of regular glue and water to dip them in so that they would harden and be easier to work with once I started gluing them together. Hot glue didn't work because it would've melted the balloon, so I used a stronger glue that would dry clear. Gluing them together was easy because I just had to make sure they fit together right. There were many different sizes of coils for this reason. Once all the coils were glued together and onto the balloon, I popped the balloon because I didn't want to keep the balloon on the inside. It was fairly easy removing the balloon off the bowl because it wasn't stuck to it in many places. We took many different pictures with the glow sticks because we want to be able to place the glow sticks in different positions. Once the glow sticks were in the bowl, it made the bowl look very mysterious. So in the end the bowl itself turn out great and the glow sticks made it even better. 


John Travolta Comes To Life!

    The theme for this project was making a portrait of someone out of nontraditional materials. My group, Katie and Lindsay, decided to do John Travolta because we all liked the movie Grease he was in. We were originally going to use CD covers because of music; but even with all of our covers combined we didn't have enough to complete our project. Mr. Sands then found a box of CDs that he was ever going to use again, so he gave them to us. We started out by painting the CDs different shades of white, black, and gray because not all the CDs were the same color. The plan was all laid out about how many different shades we needed and how many of each we needed. This was difficult to complete because Katie had to count each individual pixel on the blown up photoshopped picture of John. Putting the CDs on the wall was fairly easy because we just had to follow the picture row by row. Some of our classmates came up with us sometimes to help us paint touch up on the CDs on the wall or just rip tape for us so that things would go faster. The different shades of the white, black, and grays help people see the different features on his face such as his sideburns and his cheek bones. The CDs also made the whole face come together once you were far enough back. If you stood too close, it just looked like a bunch of CDs on a wall. My choices did effect how the project turned out because I was the one who decided to paint the CDs so that everything would actually come together. It all worked out in the end though. 

John Travolta in progress (continued)

John Travolta in progress (continued)

John Travolta in progress

The Final Sticky Situation

        This projects theme was "A Sticky Situation". Mr. Sands told us that we could either do an actual 'sticky situation' or come up with something physically stick. I was originally going to do bees and honey, but I didn't like how the bees had turned out. I kept the idea of food and came up the idea to do gummy bears. Everybody else was doing food as well, but they were mostly doing foods such as syrup and bubble gum. I wanted to do a candy but also have the ability to make my painting colorful. Gummy bears come in all different colors and they were easy to draw. I was able to incorporate repetition and pattern into my painting by repeating the gummy bears all over the canvas. I also made sure that all the gummy bears were the same size so that there was some kind of pattern going on. Choosing that type of paint to use was fairly easy because I needed to be able to blend the colors together. The paint that let me do that was acrylic because water color is very hard to blend together. When I first started my project, I was only doing one bear at a time because I thought that was the better way to go. But I soon figured out that I should paint all of the same color bears at the same time because it was difficult to recreate the same color for the next bear. I ended up have 3 different colored bears in my painting as a result of this problem. In the end, the painting turned out good because I quickly learned from my mistakes.