Saturday, January 11, 2014


   This project's theme was to make some thing questionable and 3D. I wanted to make a bowl out of coils of paper because nobody really does that anymore; but I then added the idea to make it sort of a lap. I didn't want to have a boring candle or light in it though. I needed to come up with an original idea that was also questionable; so I came up with the idea to use a lot of glow sticks. To make sure that the glow sticks would shine through the bowl, I made sure the coils had spaces in the middle so that I could either stick the glow sticks through or just put them inside to shine through. When creating this project, I used a balloon as the shape for the bowl. Once the coils were made, I used a mixture of regular glue and water to dip them in so that they would harden and be easier to work with once I started gluing them together. Hot glue didn't work because it would've melted the balloon, so I used a stronger glue that would dry clear. Gluing them together was easy because I just had to make sure they fit together right. There were many different sizes of coils for this reason. Once all the coils were glued together and onto the balloon, I popped the balloon because I didn't want to keep the balloon on the inside. It was fairly easy removing the balloon off the bowl because it wasn't stuck to it in many places. We took many different pictures with the glow sticks because we want to be able to place the glow sticks in different positions. Once the glow sticks were in the bowl, it made the bowl look very mysterious. So in the end the bowl itself turn out great and the glow sticks made it even better. 

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