Saturday, January 11, 2014

John Travolta Comes To Life!

    The theme for this project was making a portrait of someone out of nontraditional materials. My group, Katie and Lindsay, decided to do John Travolta because we all liked the movie Grease he was in. We were originally going to use CD covers because of music; but even with all of our covers combined we didn't have enough to complete our project. Mr. Sands then found a box of CDs that he was ever going to use again, so he gave them to us. We started out by painting the CDs different shades of white, black, and gray because not all the CDs were the same color. The plan was all laid out about how many different shades we needed and how many of each we needed. This was difficult to complete because Katie had to count each individual pixel on the blown up photoshopped picture of John. Putting the CDs on the wall was fairly easy because we just had to follow the picture row by row. Some of our classmates came up with us sometimes to help us paint touch up on the CDs on the wall or just rip tape for us so that things would go faster. The different shades of the white, black, and grays help people see the different features on his face such as his sideburns and his cheek bones. The CDs also made the whole face come together once you were far enough back. If you stood too close, it just looked like a bunch of CDs on a wall. My choices did effect how the project turned out because I was the one who decided to paint the CDs so that everything would actually come together. It all worked out in the end though. 

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