Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Final Sticky Situation

        This projects theme was "A Sticky Situation". Mr. Sands told us that we could either do an actual 'sticky situation' or come up with something physically stick. I was originally going to do bees and honey, but I didn't like how the bees had turned out. I kept the idea of food and came up the idea to do gummy bears. Everybody else was doing food as well, but they were mostly doing foods such as syrup and bubble gum. I wanted to do a candy but also have the ability to make my painting colorful. Gummy bears come in all different colors and they were easy to draw. I was able to incorporate repetition and pattern into my painting by repeating the gummy bears all over the canvas. I also made sure that all the gummy bears were the same size so that there was some kind of pattern going on. Choosing that type of paint to use was fairly easy because I needed to be able to blend the colors together. The paint that let me do that was acrylic because water color is very hard to blend together. When I first started my project, I was only doing one bear at a time because I thought that was the better way to go. But I soon figured out that I should paint all of the same color bears at the same time because it was difficult to recreate the same color for the next bear. I ended up have 3 different colored bears in my painting as a result of this problem. In the end, the painting turned out good because I quickly learned from my mistakes.  

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